firewall basics

using general networking resources to learn more about firewalls

TCP/IP and firewalls

Visit one the following Web sites, and follow the related instructions. Read through the resulting materials to get a sense of how you might use these resources for future learning and research, or to answer specific questions about TCP/IP.

  • The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, or IANA, maintains the official list of assigned IP and UDP port numbers. Visit and read the initial sections of the document entitled Port Numbers. You will find this an invaluable reference any time you need information about TCP or UDP port numbers in the future.
  • Ohio State operates an indexed Web site for Internet RFCs. Use it to look up RFCs 1918, 3000, and 959. Which RFC governs private IP addressing? Which governs FTP? Which describes current standard protocols and best current practices (BCPs)?
  • Use the Webopedia to locate and find the article entitled Understanding IP Addressing. How did you get there? What does the TechWeb Encyclopedia say on this same subject?

Now, visit your favorite search engine and look for introductory information about TCP/IP (hint, using search strings like "TCP/IP tutorial" "TCP/IP overview" or "TCP/IP introduction" works much better than just "TCP/IP").

Remember to bookmark or add to your favorites list those sites that you find most interesting and informative.

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