Regis p520 section 4 - class pictures

Do you know these folks?

Cindy Deutschbein

Winner of the 1st pic in

Russ Harper

Everybody should know this one

Sarah Price

Should I be giving clues?

Irwin (Irv) Jolevare

keep guessing

Virginia (Ginger) Paque

I think you really don't know

Nicole Hammond-Mann

Are you totally confussed?

Delphine (Del) Garside

Very soon we will find out if you know your fellow classmates

Douglas (Doug) Hunter

Only looking for a couple more

Robert (Rob) Lockhart

Some are right, but lots more are wrong .......

David Howard

up to 10 ...just 2 more .....hmmmm who's missing?

Erik Baldwin

Only one more to go.....can you guess the last one? (or any of them?)

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