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Marketing Management (4th edition)


Chapter Objectives

Chapter Outlines

Discussion Questions
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Section 1 The Role of Marketing in Developing Successful Business Strategies

Chapter 1 The Marketing Management Process Produces Successful Marketing Decisions Questions?
Chapter 2 Market-Oriented Perspectives Underlie Successful Corporate and Business Strategies Questions?
Section 2 Market Opportunity Analysis

Chapter 3 Environmental Analysis Identifies Attractive Markets Questions?
Chapter 4 Industry Analysis and Competitive Advantage: Setting the Stage for Marketing Success Questions?
Chapter 5 Understanding Consumer Buying Behavior Provides the foundation for Marketing Decisions Questions?
Chapter 6 Understanding Organizational Markets and Buying Behavior Provides the Foundation for Marketing Decisions Questions?
Chapter 7 Developing and Synthesizing Market Knowledge: Market Research and Forecasting Questions?
Chapter 8 Market Segmentation and Target Marketing: Clear Market focus leads to Marketing Breakthroughs Questions?
Chapter 9 Differentiated Positioning Lays the Foundation for Winning Marketing Strategies Questions?
Section 3 Developing Strategic Marketing Programs  
Chapter 10 Business Strategies Provide a Foundation for Marketing Program Decisions Questions?
Chapter 11 Effective Product Decisions Deliver the Value Customers Want Questions?
Chapter 12 Effective Pricing Decisions Reflect Customer Value and Achieve Objectives Questions?
Chapter 13 Distribution Channel Decisions Enhance Product Availability and Value Questions?
Chapter 14 Promotion Decisions Motivate Customers to Buy Questions?
Chapter 15 Personal Selling Decisions Build Relationships that Satisfy Customers Questions?
Section 4 Strategic Marketing Programs for Selected Situations

Chapter 16 Marketing Strategies for the New Economy Questions?
Chapter 17 Strategic Choices for New and Growing Markets Questions?
Chapter 18 Strategic Choices for Mature and Declining Markets Questions?
Section 5 Implementing and Controlling Marketing Programs

Chapter 19 Organizing and Planning for Effective Implementation Questions?
Chapter 20 Designing Control Systems to Deliver Superior Marketing Performance


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