MBAF602 - Financial Decision Making

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Present & Future Value Tables

Basic Financial CalculatorThis basic financial calculator works just like a pocket financial calculator. In addition to the normal calculator arithmetic it can also calculate present value, future value, payments or number or periods.

Intermediate Financial Management (7e)

PPT slides
Chapter 1 Cyber Problem: The Walt Disney Company
Chapter 2 'Worksheet for Chapter 2 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 02
Cyber Problem: Yahoo!Finance
Tool Kit for Risk and Return
Continuous Probability Distributions Web Extension
Chapter 3 Mini Case: Chap 03
Tool Kit for Risk and Return: Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing Models
Chapter 4 'Worksheet for Chapter 4 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 04
Cyber Problem: Bonds and Their Valuation
Tool Kit for Bonds and Their Valuation
Chapter 5 'Worksheet for Chapter 5 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 05
Cyber Problem: Emerson Electric
Tool Kit for Stocks and Their Valuation
Derivation of Valuation Equations Web Extension
Chapter 6 Mini Case: Chap 06
Cyber Problem: Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing
Tool Kit for Accounting for Financial Management
Chapter 7 Mini Case: Chap 07
Cyber Problem: Brady Corporation
Tool Kit for Analysis of Financial Statements
Chapter 8 'Worksheet for Chapter 8 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 08
Cyber Problem:
Tool Kit for Financial Forecasting
Chapter 9 'Worksheet for Chapter 9 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 09
Cyber Problem: AT&T
Tool Kit for the Cost of Capital
Chapter 10 'Worksheet for Chapter 10 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 10
Cyber Problem: ROIC and WACC
Tool Kit for Corporate Valuation and Value-Based Management
Chapter 11 'Worksheet for Chapter 11 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 11
Cyber Problem: IBM
Tool Kit for Capital Budgeting: Decision Criteria
The Marginal Cost of Capital and the Optimal Capital Budget Web Extension
Chapter 12 'Worksheet for Chapter 12 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 12
Cyber Problem: Applied Technologies
Before using the Toolkit for Chapter 12, you must copy and install the Excel-add-in. Please read the Explanation_of_simulation first. Here is the Excel add-in. For a more complete explanation of the add-in see Professor Myerson’s web site.

Tool Kit for Capital Budgeting: Estimating Cash Flows and Analyzing Risk
Replacement Project Analysis Web Extension

Chapter 13 'Worksheet for Chapter 13 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 13
Cyber Problem: Chicago Board of Options Exchange
Tool Kit for Financial Options and Real Options
Illustration of Various Valuation Options Web Extension
Chapter 14 'Worksheet for Chapter 14 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 14
Cyber Problem: Hamada Equation - Quicken
Tool Kit for Capital Structure Decisions: Part I
Degree of Leverage Web Extension
Chapter 15 'Worksheet for Chapter 15 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 15
Tool Kit for Capital Structure Decisions: Part II
Chapter 16 'Worksheet for Chapter 16 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 16
Cyber Problem: Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPS)
Tool Kit for Distributions to Shareholders: Dividends and Repurchases
Chapter 17 'Worksheet for Chapter 17 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 17
Cyber Problem: Initial Public Offering
Tool Kit for IPOs, Investment Banking, and Financial Restructuring
Chapter 18 'Worksheet for Chapter 18 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 18
Cyber Problem: Lease Analysis
Tool Kit for Lease Financing
Percentage Cost Analysis, Feedback Effect on Capital Budgeting, and Leveraged Leases Web Extension
Chapter 19 'Worksheet for Chapter 19 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 19
Tool Kit for Hybrid Financing: Preferred Stock, Warrants, and Convertibles
Calling Convertable Issues Web Extension
Chapter 20 'Worksheet for Chapter 20 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 20
Cyber Problem: and Barnes and Noble
Tool Kit for Current Asset Management
Chapter 21 'Worksheet for Chapter 21 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 21
Cyber Problem: Commercial Paper - The FRB
Tool Kit for Short-Term Financing
Secured Short-Term Financing Web Extension
Chapter 22 'Worksheet for Chapter 22 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 22
Tool Kit for Other Topics in Working Capital Management
Chapter 23 'Worksheet for Chapter 23 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 23
Tool Kit for Derivatives and Risk Management
Risk Management with Insurance and Bond Portfolio Immunization Web Extension
Chapter 24 Mini Case: Chap 24
Tool Kit for Bankruptcy, Reorganization, and Liquidation
Case Histories and Multiple Discrimination Analysis Web Extension
Chapter 25 'Worksheet for Chapter 25 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 25
Cyber Problem: Mergers - Hewlett - Packard
Tool Kit for Mergers, LBOs, Divestitures, and Holding Companies
Chapter 26 'Worksheet for Chapter 26 BOC Questions
Mini Case: Chap 26
Cyber Problem: Multinational Financial Management - McDonalds
Tool Kit for Multinational Financial Management
Chapter 27
Chapter 28 Web Chapter: Basic Financial Tools: A Review
Mini Case: Chap 28
Chapter 29 Web Chapter: Pension Plan Management

Professor Recommended Sites Now part of MSN Money Central
Stock Screener Deluxe
The Data Page for Industry Averages
Century Aluminum Yahoo Page
Lectures - ddm
Lectures - Capstr
Also check out:,11280,36470,00.html (Contains a wealth of information, spreadsheets, lectures etc)

Sites Recommended or used in the Book/Class

Barnes&Noble Financials

Other Recommended Sites "Where Everyone Has An MBA"
Duke Glossary
Wachovia - Personal Finance Glossary
Investopedia is "The Investing Education Site." Quickly becoming one of the world's most respected names in investing education, the site is home to over 500 articles, 3500 dictionary entries, and 45 in-depth tutorials on nearly any aspect of finance and investing.

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