MBA C601 The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business

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Business Ethics - Concepts and Cases
Chapter 1 Santa Clara University's Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Depaul University's Ethics Institute
The Essential Organization
Wall Street Research Net
Freeedgar formily The Stern School of Business at NYU - Free site but registration reguired - Resources for Activists - no longer a valid site
Corporate Watch
Ethical Business uk site no longer valid - This is a US sister site
Chapter 2 Santa Clara University's Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Depaul University's Ethics Institute
The Communication Department at California State University at Fullerton
The Students for Responsible Business
The Business Ethics Organization
The Business Social Responsibility Organization
The University of San Diego
Indiana University - site no longer up - The World Guide - site no longer valid
Chapter 3 The Essential Organization
The Environmental Fund
stuff on Locke, Marx, and Smith click on philosophers
General Philosophical Resources
guides to philosophy on the Internet
guides to political philosophy
more guides to political philosophy
Chapter 4 The Federal Trade Commision
The Justice Department
Hieros Gamos
American Bar Association
The Federal Legal Research Template
Chapter 5 Envirolink
Indiana University's Virtual Library
Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management
The Essential Organization
The Pacific Net
The Greenmoney Fund
Chapter 6 National Safety Counsil
The Consumer Product Safety Commission
The Consumer Law Page
Federal Trade Commision
Alexander Law firm
Nolo Press
Chapter 7 The U.S. Census Bureau for Statistics on income, earnings, poverty etc.
Hieros Gamos - the legal aspects of discremination
American Bar Association
Vix Information on sexual harassment
Minority Information Services
Chapter 8 The Occupational Safety and Health Association
The National Institute for occupational Safety and Health
The Essential Organization
Hieros Gamos - labor and employment
American Bar Association
The Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School - employment
Lectric Law Library
Foundation for Enterprise Development - Employee Ownership
Firing Employee's - From Nolo Press
Industrial and Labor Relations - at Cornell University
The American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations
Labornet - has split from igc.apc - here is the new site
The Campaign for Labor Rights

Business Law and the Regulatory Environment: Concepts and Cases 11e

The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business 11e

Cyberlaw and eCommerce
Chapter 1
Chapter 3 NCCUSL The National Conference of Commissioners of Uniform State Laws
Proposed Revisions to NCCUSL
Draft of UCITA
Controversial Software Law Approved for Adoption by States
Uniform Law for Computer Info Transactions is offered
The Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act
proposed Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA)
Consummer Union
For the full text of the UETA
California version of UETA

Chapter 6
Chapter 10

Online Ethics Center

John Locke (1632 - 1704)

John Locke Foundation
An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (searchable) From the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Two Treatises of Government From the University of Virginia Library - Center on Religion and Democracy
Another Biography from Blue Pete

John Maynard Keynes (1883 - 1946)

The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money
Blue Pete
The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics

Keynes's General Theory revolutionized the way economists think about economics. He introduced the notion of aggregate demand as the sum of consumption, investment, and government spending. He also showed (or purported to show) that full employment could be maintained only with the help of government spending.

Immanuel Kant (1724 - 1804)

Deontological & Kantian Ethics
Kant and Kantian Ethics
Immanuel Kant Links
New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia

Kant's ethical ideas are a logical outcome of his belief in the fundamental freedom of the individual as stated in his Critique of Practical Reason (1788). This freedom he did not regard as the lawless freedom of anarchy, but rather as the freedom of self-government, the freedom to obey consciously the laws of the universe as revealed by reason. He believed that the welfare of each individual should properly be regarded as an end in itself and that the world was progressing toward an ideal society in which reason would “bind every law giver to make his laws in such a way that they could have sprung from the united will of an entire people, and to regard every subject, in so far as he wishes to be a citizen, on the basis of whether he has conformed to that will.” In his treatise Perpetual Peace (1795) Kant advocated the establishment of a world federation of republican states.
"Kant, Immanuel," Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia 2003 © 1997-2003 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

John Stuart Mill(1806 - 1873)

Essay on Liberty
The Subjection of Women
Utilitarian Resources

Mill takes the ground of the Golden Rule, that a man may do anything that he wishes to if he does not therefore injure his fellowmen. The "government" has no right to interfere with him, not even for his own good, as long as he is not injuring other people. ... The primary function of government as seen by Mill and his school was the protection of people from force or fraud, that is defence in war, safety in peace against violence, and security against cheating.(From Blue Pete )

Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832)

The Betham Project
Bentham Texts Online
Biography The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Blue Pete
Benthamism    Utilitarianism From New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia
History of Modern Ethics Stephen Darwall - U Texas Austin
Introduction to the Principles of Morality and Legislation

Bentham's Philosophy:- Jeremy Bentham figured that laws should be socially useful and not merely reflect the status quo; and, that while he believed that men inevitably pursue pleasure and avoid pain, Bentham thought it to be a "sacred truth" that "the greatest happiness of the greatest number is the foundation of morals and legislation." Bentham supposed that the whole of morality could be derived from "enlightened self-interest," and that a person who always acted with a view to his own maximum satisfaction in the long run would always act rightly. (From Blue Pete )

Business Ethics

The following link is being used in a course taught by azstart(dot)com

A Guide to Ethical Principles in Business (from Rutgers University)

Thanks to Ashley and one of her students Karen for the link

IBM  Top Corporate Citizen of the year

Aaron Feuerstein Malden Mills"

Medsource wins Minnesota Business Ethics Award

Management Theory of Max DePree  The De Pree Leadership Center

Warren Buffet Berkshire Hathaway Annual Report for 2002


Legal Bases

The Sherman Antitrust Act
DOJ Complaint

The Government's Side

Court's Findings of Fact - pdf
DOJ Antitrust Cases

Microsoft's Side

Microsoft PressPass - Information for Journalists
Full text of Microsoft's Proposed Conclusions of Law

Search Lists

Search of FindLaw - 4280 entries
DOJ - Search for "microsoft" Found 9862 matching documents.

Legal & Media sites

FindLaw Special Coverage - Microsoft
National Association of Attorneys General
Openlaw - The Microsoft Case Harvard
ComputerWorld - Microsoft Legal Issues U.S. v Microsoft From the Washingon Post

Other Sites

Predatory Pricing - Microsoft's Modus Operandi
Legal Assistance on the Web US v. Microsoft

Ford Pinto

Pinto Madness Mother Jones Article
Safety Last Another Mother Jones article about Ford
Ford Pinto - Fule Fed Fires The Center for Auto Safety
The Ford Pinto Case The Valuation of Life as it Applies to the Negligence-Efficiency Argument
Ford Fuel System Crashworthiness
Velasquez Case Study from the online references for our book

Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT ACT) Act of 2001

H.R. 3162 The act - also in pdf
Electronic Frontier Foundation Analysis as it relates to Online Activities
Repeal the USA Patriot Act -
The USA PATRIOT Act - A legal Analysis in pdf form
Cities Say No to Federal Snooping from wired News
If you liked Patriot Act I, don't miss the sequel Robyn Blumner
PBS's Bill Moyer PBS site with links of interest about the USA PATRIOT Act and PATRIOT Act II
Terrorism: A section bySection analysis of the USA PATRIOT Act in pdf fprmat

"To deter and punish terrorist acts in the United States and around the world, to enhance law enforcement investigatory tools, and for other purposes."

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Invisible Web
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Reference Desk
Resource Discovery Network

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