MBA C600 The Economics of Management

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the digital economist  This site is by Douglas A. Ruby of the University of Colorado at Denver. Besides various textual aids on all manner of economic terms, it also includes many graphical ones.Study Resources: Tutorials: Reading Lists:
Questia  Over 7,000 economics books and journal articles at Questia online library. Find research quickly and easily. Register online (free).
Econ101  Brief online tutorial on economics from EconDash. Includes views of a U.S. economic dashboard to see a balanced view of current economic performance, with trends at a click of the mouse.
White papers from ITpapers  Technical papers on software, computer resources, and techniques for economics, economic modeling, and tracking and analysis of economic indicators.(requires registration - free)
bankrate  Read our complete coverage and in-depth analysis of the current Federal Reserve moves. Plus get current interest rates, news, tips, advice and more from
Econ 200  This is the Home Page for Eric Fisher's 2001 Winter Quarter section of Economics 200 (Ohio State University). Excellent class for Micro Economics fundementals.
Steinberg's Grocery  Sam Steinberg's Non-Lasting Legacy. Story of the Steinberg grocery chain featured in "Flanking in a Price War"

Ronald Coase

The Official Web Site of The Nobel Foundation

Michael Porter

Biography  The Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness
Industry Analysis a la Michael Porter Five Forces Affecting Competitive Strategy
Porter's Five Forces A MODEL FOR INDUSTRY ANALYSIS - from QuickMBA
Michael Porter's Big Ideas from FastCompany
Michael Porter Five Forces Model from
Another view of the model from McGill

John Maynard Keynes

The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money

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